About Kiska Sea Crab Fishing Vessel

Kiska Sea Fishing Vessel

The F/V Kiska Sea was Co-designed by its captain, Mike Wilson and built in 1990 by Mid-Coast Marine in Coos Bay, Oregon.

The F/V Kiska Sea operates as a crab fishing vessel, targeting Bristol Bay Red King Crab, and Bering Sea Snow Crab in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands if Alaska. The vessel is 125 feet long 34 feet wide and designed as a twin oil screw fishing vessel with the capability of holding up to 345,000 pounds of catch in flowing sea water tanks for delivery at a shore side processing facility.

Fuel Capacity: 68,873 – gallons in 15 integral tanks
Hold Capacity: 16,000 cubic feet
Shaft HP: 1600-hp through two (2) shafts
Crew size: Typical 5-8
Current Crew: Mike Wilson, Jason Worman, Steve Pultz, Justin Riley, Nolan Lane, Thordon Bates, Richard McDonald and Arthur Demers

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